Bootstrap5 Alert messages are used to notify the user about certain alerts depending upon their actions. Hence, to provide fruitful results, it is necessary for the users to follow the flexible alerts. Several ways are available to use Alerts within the code. The developers can use this component to generate a warning as a future reference for the user. For instance, you can use alerts in different colors along with the stipulated length of text.


In total there are eight contextual classes like alert-success, alert-secondary, alert-danger, alert-info, alert-light, alert-dark, alert-warning, and alert-primary that you can use while proper styling. You can even use JavaScript plugins for inline dismissal.


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You can assign different colors along with additional functionality of linking colors to grant matched colors inserted into any alert. Also, additional contents can be added to this component just by adding HTML elements like paragraphs, headings, and divisions.


Similarly, for example, if the users are unable to understand the alert messages then simply you can use alert icons to represent alert texts. You can custom styling icons available in flexbox utilities and add them before contents.


You can place that particular content inside the HTML tags or Division tags. It’s on you to figure out the need of displaying alert messages. Accordingly, you can decide the best for the user. You can even dismiss the alerts using the JavaScript plugin.


For example,

<div class="alert alert-primary" role="alert">

  An alert along with simple text


<div class="alert alert-secondary" role="alert">

  The secondary alert can be used to display secondary contents that are not placed in an ordered list.




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