Toasts is one of the components of Bootstrap5 that represents push notifications for the visitors. To define it in a bit easier way, usually the user receives notifications on mobile or Desktop depending on the popularity of the Operating system. Toasts are nothing but a copy of push notifications beneficial for the visitors and the users to view the messages.


Toasts are embedded within the code, if the developer wants to display an alert message for a particular condition or component. These messages are customizable and can be manipulated according to code change. This component of Bootstrap is effective to get notification on just one click.


It is lightweight in nature, and can be used for displaying alert messages that are customizable. There are two reasons behind using Toasts in development, the first is for better user experience and to increase high performance. The second reason is Toasts hides the data automatically if not specified the condition as autohide: false. Hence, developers are looking for options to use the Toasts component in Bootstrap.


Toasts can be flexibly built using flexbox and therefore, they are aligned to the proper position. With minimal lines of code, Toasts option can be added. For example, if the user clicks on the given button, then it displays a pop up message introducing Toasts.


Well, it gives flexibility to enclose the Toasts content within a single element like a button. It consumes less time and needs less markup. Usually, Toasts use headers for displaying the contents that are aligned properly


<div class="toast" role="alert-generated">
  <div class="toast-header">
    <img src="..." class="rounded me-1" alt="...">
    <strong class="me-auto">Bootstrap displayed in bold</strong>
    <small>11 mins ago</small>
    <button type="button" class="btn-close" data-bs-dismiss="toast" aria-label="Close"></button>
  <div class="toast-body">
    Hi, this is introduction to toast


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